About the ECP Network

The ECP Network is a premier practice development organization of like-minded eye care providers that are interested in building the future of Optometry by sharing best practices, providing community outreach programs, embracing new technology to improve patient care, and are viewed by their community as state-of-the-art Eye Care Providers.

Our Mission

To provide the Independent Eye Care Provider an organization that allows them to freely network with colleagues, have access to tools and resources that greatly benefit the independent practice, and leverage practice management skills to improve their success.

Code of Ethics:

  • To Make the vision and general health of my patient the foremost consideration of all the care I provide;
  • To Regard the health care decisions of all patients with utmost respect;
  • To Recommend consultation with other health care professionals whenever this is in the best interest of my patient;
  • To Keep the health related information and personal information of all patients in confidence;
  • To Promote the access of all patients to the best possible level of vision care;
  • To Provide Care in a professional, considerate, and honest manner using state of the art techniques and equipment;
  • To Meet the needs of my patients with integrity and in a way to best preserve the function and health of their visual system as well as their general health;
  • To Assist each patient in determining the best options and alternatives in care;
  • To Actively Seek to maintain and improve my level of knowledge and skill for the betterment of my patients.