District Advisors

Rod Snow, O.D.

Dr. Snow is a 1980 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. Dr. Snow has a special interest in working with hard-to-fit contact lens cases and the special vision needs of children. His research into the relationship between juvenile delinquency and vision disorders was published in the Journal of the American Optometric Association. In addition to private practice, Dr. Snow also served as Director of Optometry Services for HMO Health Ohio for 11 years. He was past President of Summit Eyecare Network, LTD; a network of over 200 private practice optometrists throughout Ohio. He is a past committee chairperson and Distinguished Service Award recipient from the Ohio Optometric Association, a past president of the Summit County Optometric Society and a past board member of the Akron Jaycees.

"Over 3 decades ago, my optometry partner told me to 'be a great doctor, keep your nose clean and you will be successful.' That comment might have been accurate then but NOT TODAY. Today, we all need to be great doctors with empathy for our patients. But we must also excel in running a business, which includes areas such as contract negotiation, revenue streams, costs and ultimately, promoting my practice to existing and future patients. That is why I am so pleased to work with ECP Network. With ECP Network, I have help in ALL of these areas."

William J. Guappone, O.D.
Dr. Guappone is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and The Ohio State College of Optometry. He has been in practice since 1982 and in Hyde Park since 1983. He has lectured and published articles on the topic of contact lens specialty, and has been featured in articles in The Cincinnati Enquirer and a segment on WCPO-TV (ABC- Cincinnati). Dr. Guappone’s contact lens specialty experience also has led him to participate in research projects in contact lens technology development. A member of the Cincinnati, Ohio and National Optometric Associations, Dr. Guappone formerly served on the board of the Cincinnati Optometric Association and the advisory committee of Cincinnati's first laser refractive surgery center.
Josiah Young, O.D., M.S.
Dr. Young received his Doctor of Optometry degree from The Ohio State University College of Optometry.  While at Ohio State, he also received a Master of Science degree in Vision Science for his research on the visual ability of athletes. Dr. Young is a managing partner of a practice in Newport, KY. He sees patients of all ages, but has a special interest children's vision, vision therapy, and specialty contact lens fitting. He is a member of the American Optometric Association, the Kentucky Optometric Association, and the Northern Kentucky Optometric Society. You can follow him on Google Plus & Twitter @youngeyedoc.
John Beigel, O.D.
Dr. Beigel graduated from Ohio State College of Optometry in 1989.  He has worked at Primary EyeCare Associates since graduation. He is Past Zone 9 governor, OOA motorist vision committee member, key person for OOA/AOA and EMRLogic IT consultant and has been locally involved with Lions Club, Wilson Memorial Hospital-past board member, Salvation Army-past chairman and Haiti Optometric Mission provider.  Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu in 2015 with his brother was his best trip. His professional goal is to not allow government health care to get in the way of patient care.

"The future of how we want to practice optometry, lies in what we do today to prepare for it. At no time in my career have I ever felt the need to support my association and belong to a network of doctors who share my vision and passion for helping others as I have in the past decade. The security of having a team to count on regarding the business aspect of health care allows me the comfort to focus on what matters most to my patients and that quite simply"
James Kover, O.D.
Dr. Kover graduated from Indiana University in 1997. He has a private practice in Warren, Ohio. He is currently a trustee on the OOA board.  His passion is for Independent Optometry, which can be best summarized in his beliefs of ACO's. ACO's are being established to improve the cost effectiveness in the current health care delivery system , as well as, provide outstanding  quality of care measures to help us lead healthier lives.

“By partnering with the ECP Network, I believe optometrists will be key players in this new health care delivery model.  ECP Network can help O.D.'s with the proper education and support to help navigate through this complex process and help position them for success now and in the future!”


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Mission Statement

The ECP Network is a group practice organization dedicated to assisting independent eye care providers in providing high quality, value-based eye health care and vision care.

Core Values

· Ensure efficiencies in eye care delivery with evolving health care delivery models

· Provide a collective voice for our membership

· Establish opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration

· Negotiate discounted pricing and rebate programs to enhance profitability

· Create pathways for maintaining the best clinical outcomes and highest levels of patients satisfaction

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45226