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The ECP Network is dedicated to helping our members grow their practice and build the future of optometry. We have assembled some of the best services and companies to assist members in their business goals and provide outstanding patient care. As part of your membership, the ECP Network is offering select services a discount rate. Click on the banner below to learn more.

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Mission Statement

The ECP Network is a group practice organization dedicated to assisting independent eye care providers in providing high quality, value-based eye health care and vision care.

Core Values

· Ensure efficiencies in eye care delivery with evolving health care delivery models

· Provide a collective voice for our membership

· Establish opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration

· Negotiate discounted pricing and rebate programs to enhance profitability

· Create pathways for maintaining the best clinical outcomes and highest levels of patients satisfaction

ECP Network, LLC
250 McCullough St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45226