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Ophthalmic Lab and Lens Discounts
Stop paying more for lab! The ECP Network has negotiated excellent rates with a selection of different labs around the country to help lower your cost of goods. Using digital lens technology in your office improves patient outcomes. ECP Network members receive exclusive discounts on digitally surfaced spectacle lenses.
Diversified Ophthalmics

Diversified Ophthalmics

Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc. was founded in 1977 by a group of independent eye care practitioners. Over the past decades Diversified has kept its focus on meeting the needs of the independent eye care practitioners (ECP's). From its modest beginning in the basement of an optometric office Diversified has grown to be among the largest of the ophthalmic suppliers in the country.

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As one of the world´s leading manufacturers, the Vision Care business group of Carl Zeiss combines ophthalmic expertise and solutions with an international brand. The business group develops and produces technologically excellent instruments and offerings for the entire eyeglass value chain. With around 8,300 employees, the business group is one of the world's leading providers of eyeglass lenses and generated revenue totaling 761 million euros in fiscal year 2013/14.

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With customers in mind, Essilor works closely with eye care professionals to provide innovative products that fit their lifestyles. The ECP Network has negotiated a special network discount for ELOA partner labs.

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Kodak Lens

Kodak Lens

The Kodak Lens research and development teams are constantly striving to 'better the best' in all lens materials and designs. Kodak lenses are technologically advanced to give wearers an enhanced visual experience; from anti-reflection coatings, that will virtually eliminate reflections from your lenses, making them clearer to look through, to Thin & Lite Lenses which give you better looking glasses that feel so much more comfortable to wear.

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Younger Optics

Younger Optics

For more than 50 years, Younger Optics has established itself as a leader in the optical industry by developing new and innovative lens solutions. From polarized sun lenses that block blinding glare to lenses designed specifically for the driving task - Younger provides a wide array of lens options, materials and treatments to meet virtually every eyewear need: quality products that help people to see better.

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Mission Statement

The ECP Network is a group practice organization dedicated to assisting independent eye care providers in providing high quality, value-based eye health care and vision care.

Core Values

· Ensure efficiencies in eye care delivery with evolving health care delivery models

· Provide a collective voice for our membership

· Establish opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration

· Negotiate discounted pricing and rebate programs to enhance profitability

· Create pathways for maintaining the best clinical outcomes and highest levels of patients satisfaction

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