Opportunities in Healthcare

With the changes in healthcare reform continuing to evolve, the ECP Network has inclusion of eye care providers as a top priority for our members.  Our network of over 2,500 providers in 34 states gives us the leverage to participate in discussions that impact our members and the future of eye care providers.  Our panel of local, regional, and national experts have the experience and credentials to help players in the medical arena across all channels understand how partnering with optometry truly benefits everyone.

Our Healthcare Goals

We continue to act in the best interest of independent eye care providers and their patients when establishing partnerships with healthcare organizations.  We will always represent our members appropriately in negotiating contracts, reimbursements, and coverage with 3rd parties.  We make every effort to ensure that independent eye care has a seat at the table for inclusion in all healthcare reform discussions.

Our Healthcare Focus

We have a substantial history of establishing cooperative interactions among groups that have common interests in health care.  These include: Health Care Systems, Eye Care Providers, and 3rd Party Insurers.  Our members provide quality medical eye care, and they are good stewards of referrals of every kind.  The ECP Network’s leadership has the expertise and experience to "talk the talk" with medical groups without compromising the values of independent eye care providers.  We see both a need and opportunity to assure our members access to referrals from major players in the changing world of health care.
The health care environment in Ohio affords us the opportunity to develop close cooperation with medical groups in the Midwest.  For a number reasons, Ohio is often the ‘test kitchen’ for evolving health care policies.  This, plus our critical mass of ECP Network members in the region, has allowed us to demonstrate effective leadership at the state and regional levels with important players in the broader areas of health care.

Please join us in our quest to support the profession we love.

Your Practice - Your Network. 

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Mission Statement

The ECP Network is a group practice organization dedicated to assisting independent eye care providers in providing high quality, value-based eye health care and vision care.

Core Values

· Ensure efficiencies in eye care delivery with evolving health care delivery models

· Provide a collective voice for our membership

· Establish opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration

· Negotiate discounted pricing and rebate programs to enhance profitability

· Create pathways for maintaining the best clinical outcomes and highest levels of patients satisfaction

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